Hi, I'm Micki!


Allow me to count the ways...

1. People

I am the queen of taking a “rose-colored glasses” view of life. (Maybe that’s why I finally bought a pair...) Relationships are very important to me, and they are important in business, too. I almost always walk away from a conversation looking on the bright side and thinking, “We are now friends, even if we never see each other again.” 

2. Work

I have fun working because, to me. working is fun. When it comes to job—no matter what it is—I’ve always been able to find something to be passionate about. I get excited about the company, the product, or the vision, and that drives me to excel at whatever I put my mind to. I love to serve others, and I have an unwavering work ethic and loyalty. Because of this, it only makes sense that working is a joy, especially when it comes to coaching others. I thrive in environments where I can build others up and help them achieve their goals.

3. Learning Stuff

Growing up, I was a spastic kid who just wanted an audience. Smart, yes, but not always the best student. Staying on task and focused was a struggle because my mind would always race a few steps beyond where I was planted. Who knew that was called “vision?” Thankfully, I had a Mother and few great mentors who celebrated my gifts and talents, so eventually, I was able to put all the pieces together; using my education, experience, drive, and gift of fun to actually make a living. This love of learning has only grown stronger. I will never stop reading, creating, understanding, and celebrating new stuff. 

4. The Cause

I’ve been (lovingly) accused of being able to shake money out of people for the right cause. In other words, I have a pension for getting money for great organizations, causes, and some darn good projects that need funding. But that’s only because when I believe in something or someone, I am so passionate and “all in” that I am able to show others what I see. I have such a heart for giving, I am able to bring it out in others, too.

5. My Boyfriend

My husband Roger and I have been married since 1989. He is my “boyfriend,” because I am a firm believer that you should never stop looking at your spouse the way you did when you were first falling in love. We work together, live together, and golf together—and he still makes my heart do flip-flops. It’s a really good life.

6. Being a Mom and Grandma

Seriously…you don’t have enough time to get me started on how great they are and how incredible it is to have this family.

7.  Jesus

Yep, I’m a Jesus Freak. The Lord and His unwavering grace and mercy have taken a heartbroken mess like me, healed me up, fostered my gifts and talents, and opened my eyes to the true hearts of people and their endless potential. I feel blessed that I am able to be used by Him in order to help others find their own path to success and joy. I’m so grateful to be able to give generously every day out of the abundance He has blessed us with.

Don’t be fooled by my blonde hair, quick wit, and super sweet smile.

Because I’m determined, wickedly smart, and pretty darn confident. I’m kind of a badass when I negotiate, I can not be intimidated in a boardroom, and I will not flinch when standing for what is right.


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