Why Does Everyone Keep Asking Me, "Why?"

Do you feel like everyone asks you, "Why?" Are you tired of people asking you, "Why?"

Do you know your WHY? Wait...Let me rephrase it for you: Do you know what your motivation is?

This is about more than your motivation to get out of bed in the morning, though. It’s that deep motivation that keeps you pursuing your dreams or that big goal when it seems like nothing is going right but you keep going anyway.

I talk to so many artists and entrepreneurs that have a "story." They have a story of struggle and sometimes a pivotal point in their struggle when they thought it was over, that it was too much; it wasn’t worth it anymore. Yet they persevered. WHY?

What is that purpose or motivation that carries us through the toughest times?

Is it the hope of seeing our dream realized?

The beauty of this question is that there is no correct answer. The complex part of this question is that nobody can tell you what your motivation—your WHY—is.

Go deep...

The most common answer I hear people say about their "why" is their family. That’s kind of general if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong, family is important and one of my most important motivators, but what if they weren’t there anymore? (Stay with me. I don’t like to go down that road either and I’m not speculating the worst possible scenario, but you have to ask yourself a few more “whys” or “whats.”) Why is your family so important? What do you want to see for your family? There’s a huge difference is wanting security for your family, where SECURITY would be your "why," and wanting to make enough money for your family to travel and see other cultures, where ADVENTURE would be your "why." Get it? Am I asking too many questions today?  

Well, here are a few more for you to ask yourself while you search for that big "why:"  

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What would you regret not having, being, or doing most in your life?
  • Through all of your schooling, jobs, or professions what is the one constant that you have always been great at?
  • If money were no object, what would you do?

If you know your “why,” share it with us and perhaps how you discovered it.  

If you are still in search of your “why,” reach out and we can help you with that.


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