What Do You Really Believe In?

I believe in people.
I believe in goodness prevailing.
I believe in prayer and confessing what I know to be true.

What you believe in down to your core comes out in your actions and who you surround yourself with every day. I don’t mean just who you work with or who you wake up next to; I mean who you listen to on the radio or the news you watch, whose books you read, and what beliefs or principles you align yourself with.

I talk to a lot of people that say they believe one thing but their actions say otherwise.

“I really care about people and I want to help the less fortunate.”

If you heard someone say this, who would you think they’d surround themselves with and or what do you think they’d focus on? I would find it quite odd if they were spending most of their time with video games and watching pointless television.

“I love the environment and want to see changes in how we take care of our planet.”

What do you think this person might be reading or listening to in the news? I would assume this person might be involved in some sort of community garden club, a committee to clean up the river, or attending a speaker series on conserving energy. Just an assumption.

If you want to manifest your goals, anything that you do or create should have that same core thread going through it. Like watering and fertilizing a plant, what you feed those ideas, whether positive or negative, will determine the quality and the quantity of the fruit.

Do this 5-minute exercise for me: Write down your answers to the following questions...

  • What book are you currently reading?
  • What is the last book you read?
  • Name the last 3 podcasts that you listened to. (These can include webcasts, talk radio programs, etc.)
  • How did you volunteer your time last year?  
  • Who do you look to as a mentor or guiding influence in your life?
  • Name any education, whether classes, seminars, or conferences, that you have paid for in the past year.
  • What is a fundamental principle you believe in?

Next, take those questions and your answers and give them to a coworker that you think will play along (preferably not your best friend or a total stranger). Ask them this question: By reading my answers to these few questions, what would you say that I am passionate about or striving for?

If you don’t feel comfortable asking someone to play along, reread your answers and ask yourself the same question. Or, feel free to send them to me or leave them in the comments below. 

If you aren’t already, I hope that you will feed your passion!


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