The Next Big Idea

Best ideas: Those slogans, those taglines, and those ads, You know the ones that you see, and your first reaction is….“Daannng…..I wish I would have thought of that!”  

I have that moment all the time.

I pay attention to advertising and marketing quite a bit because of my work (and also because of the creative side of my brain). So, when I hear something like, “Five Dollar Foot Long” or “Finger Lickin Good,” I think about the background story. Was it one person who just walks into the meeting with the client and says, “Hey, how about this?”

Was it something more like this: A room full of take-out boxes and story-boards. It’s late at night, the deadline is looming, and while the team is almost out of any coherent thoughts and ideas, finally several shout outs come together and the slogan to end all slogans is born.    

I don’t know, but either way, it happened.  And we know these brands sometimes years and years after they have stopped being usied.

Just Do It

Be All that You Can Be

Never Stop Improving

I’m Lovin’ It

Because You’re Worth It

Which one is your favorite? Where do your best ideas come from?  

Taking note of where you are and what the atmosphere is around you when you come up with those great ideas of your own is a great practice. I don’t think that you can force a great idea, but you cultivate your creativity.  

Here are a few thoughts on how to cultivate ideas:

  • Take note of if you are more creative early in the day or late in the evening. Practice working or brainstorming at that similar time.
  • Bring together a group of creative thinkers for a mastermind. You’ll find that even if you are talking about someone else’s ideas, it will get your brain moving in the right direction.
  • Watch a video or listen to a podcast where there is an artistic theme.
  • Write it down. I know it sounds simple. But seriously...Journal, take notes. post it, and whatever else it takes to keep documenting your ideas and thoughts. It’s amazing how you will see a nifty little trail of inspiration that may come together as an explosive revolutionary life changing ideas.


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