Practice What You Preach

Accountability and planning are two of my closest friends. I eat time management for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My systems have systems. But to be honest, if you knew how far I've come with my time management, overall mindset, and goal setting (and reaching), you wouldn't believe me; but it's really far, I promise.

But I say that to tell you this: I still mess up. I still get off track.

I'm about to share with you my latest mess-up—one of those "I knew better but I did it anyway" type of stunts. You guys won't judge me, right?

A couple weeks ago, I was having coffee with a colleague, and she was telling me about this great app that she uses to sell her old clothes. She was so excited about it and really sold me on the ease and convenience. And it just so happened I was just about to clean out my closet. How perfect! I have so many things that are in great shape but I just don't wear anymore. This app sounded like a great solution. "Then a few extra dollars can go toward some new clothes," I thought.

So, I sorted through the clothes, took photos of different articles of clothing and various outfits, looked through the site for similar items to make sure I was pricing my items correctly, and posted my clothes on the app. After leaving a huge mess in my guest room, I check the site a few times to see if anyone has shown interest, and then...I snap out of it.

Seriously, what did I just do? I spent time and brain space on something that was a complete waste of my time and efforts. So, within a few days of creating my profile on this app and listing twenty-five items, I delete it. I deleted the app, the clothes, and my profile. Done. Gone.

This is not even close to what I need to be doing for my business or my personal goals. Next.

Here’s the thing: We’re idea people, right? Which make us highly susceptible to "Shiny Object Syndrome:" being easily seduced by the latest and greatest thing.

What you do next is what's important...

Get focused. Redirect your efforts back to the things that are most productive—not just the things that keep you busy.

If you don't have goals written down or another way to hold yourself accountable, that's a great place to start.

Clean the clutter. We all have things to tend to, like our old clothes, projects around the house, and social engagements. Minimize what you can, and set aside things won’t be missed.  
Move on. Don’t beat yourself up. You recognized the problem and you want to change.  Just don’t do it again! I know I won’t...really.

How does "Shiny Object Syndrome" manifest in your day-to-day life? What are your methods for staying focused on doing what gets you closer to accomplishing your goals?


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