Love the One You're With (and the Season You're In)

I happen to love Crosby, Stills, & Nash, and this song has always been a favorite of mine. I like to assume that they are singing about a lost love that they miss, and it’s about moving on.  (Please do not interject your interpretations that ruin my rose-colored view of this.)

“The rose in a fisted glove” references pain surrounding love and love lost. Memories, longing, and thinking about what could be make for a great song, but it can also create a sense of emptiness.   

This message of “love the one you’re with” made me really reflect on loving the moment you are in.

For dreamers and high achievers, the future and the next goal are always in sight. What’s next? How can I get there? Where is “there” anyway?

As much as these aspirations and drive are amazing traits and should be cultivated, balance it with an appreciation for where you are.

Love the One You’re In

What season are you in right now? Is it a season of celebration, growth, learning, or tearing down to be built back up?

We’ve all walked through these moments in time when we really don’t want to be there. I’ve experienced extreme heartache when I thought the season would never end, and then I look back on it and see all of the growth and character that was built in that time.

I’ve also lived through times that seemed ordinary, that I then look back on as being some of the best times where memories were being made.  

Don’t rush the process and miss out on today.

Today, this moment—the one when you are tired of the heartache, struggle, or just mundane routines—is still a moment to love.

I get it: Some days are (way) harder than others, but the silver lining is still there.

Knowing how far you have come and who is in your life right now should be enough, enough for today. Don’t dismiss this moment by always looking for what could be or what once was. Stop and be present. Look around for what you should be learning and taking in, and don’t be in such a hurry.  

Today is enough and you are enough.

This is your day, so “love the one you’re in.”


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