Kissing Games: Prioritize Your Life to Avoid Burning Out

“If everything is important, then nothing is.”

How many times have you gotten to the end of a work week and were exhausted but didn’t actually feel like you got anything done?

It used to happen to me more times than I can count.

Throughout the week, you constantly find stuff to do but when all is said and done, none of it was really intentional or had any forethought.

In the end, instead of feeling like you accomplished something, you may notice all the crucial items are still waiting for your attention.

Everything you do cannot have the same level of importance.

In your personal life, there are relationships that should stand out and take precedence over others.

In your career, there should be a number of things that come first and are never overlooked.  

Many people, especially in today’s society, struggle with distinguishing what is truly important and should be done now vs. things that are less important and should be done later. They oftentimes run from thing to thing as if it’s all important and necessary and urgent.

I would hope it’s obvious that making sure you DVR “The Bachelor” is not on the same level as making it to a business meeting on time and well-prepared. This may be an area of debate for some, but I digress…

Think of your daily tasks like kissing.

What if everyone you greeted this week, you kissed with the same passion that you kiss your spouse or partner? Yes, everyone that you greeted—young and old, male or female, and every occasion, no exception; and you have to maintain that same passion.

Well, now, when you go back to kiss that truly special someone that you really, really like, a kiss may not seem as meaningful; in fact act of kissing may even be spoiled. After all, you have been kissing everyone all day, non-stop.

The same goes for your daily or weekly tasks.

If everything in your life is treated equally—with the same arbitrary urgency and attention—then it becomes increasingly easy to disregard the most effective and important tasks, because it all starts to blend together.

You wind up increasingly anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed due to the number of things you’re juggling and worrying about, and eventually, you burn out.

Instead, focus on the one or two things you can do right now to help your future self, and leave the less important things for another time.

This will allow you to focus your time and energy in a way that is hyper-effective and productive.

How do you prioritize your daily or weekly tasks? What do you find to be the most easily distracting things in your life—the "less important" stuff you should let fall to the backburner? Is there something you always do, regardless of how much time or energy you have? 


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