"It's Not Personal. It's Business."

Well, that’s a load of crap. Business is personal. For so many of us, we are our business or our art is our business. So, yeah, it is most definitely personal.

In the past, we have certainly made mistakes (and then proceeded to do a backflip in the parking lot to try and make things right for a client, only to still end up with unhappy customers). It stings, big time, and it is really hard to shake sometimes.

It’s also super difficult for me to swallow the idea that I just may not be everyone’s cup of tea. For someone that has an extrovert personality and generally gets along with most people, not being respected and regarded for my business knowledge is a very hard thing to accept. At times, I have agonized over what I could have done differently, or what I could have said (or not said) that would have resulted in a different outcome.   

How about this one…

Have you ever found out that a family member or close friend went to a competitor instead of you, and then when it’s brought to their attention, disregard you with an, “Oh yeah, that’s right… You sell...” It hurts to know you aren’t seen as a knowledgeable professional or when others need reminding of it.

And that’s okay.

Don’t stop taking business personal just because you get your feelings hurt every once in awhile. Stick with your brand, make meaningful connections, and stay on it.

Keep making those contacts and pushing to make your business excellent, and people will notice. Also, consider making new friends. (Haha! Too soon?)

The fact of the matter is: Business is about relationships, and relationships are personal. Therefore, business is personal, and it should stay that way.



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