Is Big Business Bad Business?

It’s so exciting when you see a new business open and thrive in a community. Most of us love rooting for the daring entrepreneur who sold everything and sacrificed sleep to follow a dream. The neighborhood rallies, they tell their friends and family, and the orders flow. There’s growth and expansion. The community celebrates.

This is exactly what they’ve dreamt of happening. As the business grows even larger, there is more opportunity to pour into the neighbor.

Word is spreading beyond this little city and creating a demand for more locations. Decisions, more plans, and expansion is on the horizon. And this time, it’s multiplying. The city folks write about the hometown dream come true. They love the bragging rights of having “one of their own” make it big.

We loved watching and supporting their growth. We were elated that their profits were increasing so much every year that they were able to invest in our community, hire more people, and purchase more from other local businesses.

But now they're big. Isn't that...bad?

At what point does a “local” business stop being so local and become a big business? What are your thoughts on big business and giving them your business?


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