I’m Here for a Checkup Please

Raise your hand if you set goals or made resolutions for the new year. For those of you with your hands up, we’re two weeks in...How’s it going so far?

I'll tell you how I've messed up with my resolutions if you go first...

Whether you swore out chocolates and then snuck a slice of cake at work, or you vowed to hit the gym before work every morning but hit the snooze (every day this week) instead, don't beat yourself up! Simply get back up and get back at it.

We're all human, and we all make mistakes. Similarly, most of us are also guilty of setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves or setting huge goals that are good-intentioned but short-sighted and poorly thought-out. Doing this can lead to failure, certainly, but only if you don't come equipped with the right attitude.

If you made major goals this year, don't be discouraged if you don't have a 100% perfect track record.

Mistakes are bound to happen, and growing pains are going to occur. Take them in stride and keep moving forward. Even if you don't feel like the success is as gratifying, it's still a success, and it's leading you in the right direction.

The other day, I ran to the store late in the evening for a few requested items. I left looking like I was feeding a frat house in Colorado. I'm not above blaming the people I live with, but I also know I chose to eat those items too, and those cookies definitely were not a New Years resolution.

But the next day was a new day, and I didn't let the guilt of making the wrong food choices grow. I simply made better choices that day and started fresh.

While mistakes still happen (Hey, I'm human!), I've gotten so much better at setting goals, following a schedule, time blocking, and actually hitting a lot of the benchmarks I work toward. I have tips and tricks for days on how to maximize my calendar.

But I also fall short, get frustrated, and sometimes cry when it feels like I'm not as far along as I should be. Then, I regroup, refocus, and sometimes have to realign my path. It’s a continuous opportunity for growth and learning. And boy, do I mean continuous.

Print out this exercise worksheet the next time you're setting goals or when you're in productivity checkup mode. This worksheet is relevant if you are a student, a salesperson, business owner, domestic engineer, or other motivated professional. The tasks that we do continuously define who we are and what we accomplish.

I would love to hear if you had any eye-opening moment(s) going through this short exercise. Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments on it. I would also love to hear about your big goals and help you reach them.


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