If You Said, “I Did My Best,” Chances Are It Wasn't Enough

In a world of "your best may just not be good enough," it may not be all about you. We really aren’t enough sometimes, and that is a hard pill to swallow.

We are learning (slowly) to acknowledge our shortcomings instead of trying to look like a superhero all the time, because nobody's perfect, and we don't have to be.

But still, there's no shame in acknowledging our imperfections and making adjustments to succeed in spite of those imperfections. Sometimes it takes us several setbacks and hard looks in the mirror to even see that something could be changed.

What are the other skills, resources, or people you need at your table to make your art or work its absolute best?

Magic happens when ideas, time, and resources come together to be the BEST.

The smartest people are the ones that recognize what they need and who they need to see something succeed. The next step in their brilliance is bringing those resources and people all to the table together to make things happen.


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