If You Aren’t in Good Soil, Move!

Ah, the delicious and unassuming green bean plant… Green bean seeds are not the fussiest of seeds. They don’t require an abundance of particular conditions—just give them some decent soil, a little sunlight, some water on a regular basis, and you will see beans in a couple short months. Okay, so I simplified the process a little bit, but you get the idea: If you plant seeds in the right conditions, you get vegetables.

But what if you planted those seeds in clay and never watered them? What if you planted them in northern Canada in November when the ground is starting to freeze? Well, for starters, you won’t see any growth from those plants, let alone a decent harvest.

Just like seeds and plants, we need the correct conditions to grow, too.

I recently began teaching a great group of people at a business that was looking to pour into their employees. Their mission was to help them grow their sales and improve the culture within the company. They were a such a fun group and so eager to learn. So many of the people in the group were looking for ways to improve themselves while boosting the company’s bottom line.

It was clear this group was planted in good soil: They worked as a unit, encouraged ideas, collaborated, and still wanted more growth. I was really just the water (or maybe the fertilizer?) for what was already a healthy environment in which people could grow.   

On the other hand, I have also coached individuals that showed very minimal growth, if any, because the environment was just too lacking. In cases like these, you could do all the “fertilizing” in the world and it still wouldn’t make a difference because the ground is too hard and dried up to do anything with it.

In those situations, you oftentimes have to start from scratch. I’m talking revamping leadership, productivity, and overall growth strategies. This reworking of a company’s systems is very similar to reworking soil and starting from scratch so that new growth can form.

Here’s the big difference between us and a seed. (Yes, I know there is more than one difference between us and a seed, but there is one that trumps all others.) People have the ability to move from where they are planted. Seeds can’t move themselves; they are subject to the conditions of where they land. That’s it.  

Sure, I like the saying, “Bloom where you are planted” as much as the next person—I’m a huge believer in making the best out of your situation, whether it be your job, your relationship, or that traffic jam you were stuck in this morning—but if you are somewhere that is like dried up, dead soil that is completely void of hope, water, or nourishment, you gotta move!

“Moving” can be anything from literally picking yourself up and moving your body anywhere else, or it can be changing your point of view, surrounding yourself with new people, or changing directions in your education or profession—whatever it takes to promote growth and advancement in your life.

It’s always amazing to me when I hear stories of people who have overcome huge obstacles and made huge life changes because they chose to make one move, one change. They didn’t sit around and say, “This is where I am, and I can’t do anything about it.” They rebuked that victim mentality to get the life they wanted.

Are you planted in good ground where you can grow? Who are you surrounding yourself with? Are you “fertilizing” your mind, body, and soul? If the answer is “no,” then move! Make a change.  It’s up to you to search and find what feeds you and what you need to grow.

You’re not a green bean seed are you?


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