How Your "Selfie" Is Killing Your Growth

A glimpse of my social media accounts (or any of my photo albums from the 80s) will make it abundantly clear: I love a good selfie. And according to recent trend reports, I’m not the only one.

We all love selfies. They’re great! Right?

When it comes to your brand, there are the usual upsides to the trusty selfie: You can take them yourself with minimum time or effort while maintaining total control over the creative process.

However, no matter how much we appreciate them, the average selfie sacrifices professionalism, creativity, and credibility for convenience, which is never a good thing.

I can hear all you do-it-yourselfers booing and hissing at me, but hear me out.

I’m not sure when we all started imposing the idea on ourselves that in order to be successful, we should be able to do everything it takes to run a business 100% of the time. It’s just simply not true.

The most successful people in the world know how to do few things very well, including how to network and delegate.

If you don’t have a quality camera and a decent set of editing skills, leave the photography to someone more equipped. Not only will you save time that’s better spent doing the things you’re a boss at, but you’ll have the opportunity to work with and learn from someone who is skilled in a craft that you aren’t.

Taking a “selfie” is just a metaphor for the bigger picture though. (Pun intended.)

The point is: Knowing when and what to do yourself is what separates OK projects from super successful ventures.

It’s okay to ask for help. Moreover, it’s okay to ask for creative help. Don’t feel pressure to single-handedly create some earth-shattering idea or piece of work. That’s just not realistic. Solomon said it best thousands of years ago: “There is nothing new under the Sun.” So refocus your energy. Shift your perspective. Ask for help. And keep your brand looking its best.

Research, study, and work with experts that inspire you, and your work will develop from there.

It’s common to want to close yourself up in a quiet room or corner of a coffee shop and try cranking out ideas or whatever work it is you’re facing. And while being alone to focus on a task at hand might be a healthy option for a period of time, I wouldn’t recommend going the solo route to get to the next level of your business or craft.

At the most basic level, we are creatures meant to live in packs, like families and social groups. Get back to basics and apply the same mentality to your art and business.

Collaborating with others can be one of the most helpful, rewarding, and enlightening parts of your creative growth.

When we get together with others who are like-minded (and maybe even more talented than ourselves), we open ourselves up to multiplying our knowledge, talent, and resources exponentially.

Add to this equation accountability and coaching, and now you’re developing a whole new world of expertise.

Ditch the selfie mindset and start thinking of ways you can work with and get inspired by others.

Who should you be collaborating, brainstorming, or learning new ideas and systems alongside?

Let me know in the comments, and let’s inspire each other!


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