Comfort Zones: Stepping Out and Stepping Up

Timing is everything. (Wait, I thought location was everything...Or was it hard work?)

If the secret to success and winning could be bottled up and added to a shaker, it’d probably be a blend of hard work, ideas, timing, connections, education, training, and being in the right place at the right time.

But alas, there is no recipe.

The secret to success remains just that—a mystery, a riddle, an ever-researched and sought after subject.

However, to try and get a better understanding of what maketh a success, we could look at successful people and what they have in common.

One thread tying them all together is the fact that they simply did something. They didn’t just sit there and they didn’t give up in the face of adversity—they kept going. They kept moving forward.

Occasionally, moving forward means stepping into a new venture or an area that you may not be as familiar (or as comfortable) with. That can be a little bit scary no matter your age or experience, but overcoming a fear is always worth it.

Last week, I went to a writer's conference where I didn’t know anyone and had zero connections to anyone there.

Not being in my usual comfort zone of the real estate community or entrepreneurs made feel very uneasy and self-conscious.

But guess what? I didn’t get hurt, embarrassed, or even kicked out.

What did happen is I learned things and met some really smart, interesting people.

This was my biggest takeaway is this:

Change can be scary, but the fact of the matter is that nobody gets super excited about the possibility of failure; they take chances in spite of that fear.

Stretching yourself is supposed to be uncomfortable, and not every adventure is easy, but you can’t be brave if there is not an element of fear.

Do it anyway!

I’m preparing for another writer’s conference in a couple of weeks, and yes, I’m still nervous. I always feel like writing, especially about myself, is one of my greatest vulnerabilities, and being vulnerable is not my strong suit. But I remain positive and will be sure to let you know how fabulous it turns out to be.

How you are stepping out of your comfort zones these days?


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