Changing Perspectives

While hiking in Hawaii recently, I had one of those moments of clarity—actually, regarding hiking—that really started me rethinking so many other limiting beliefs that we hold on to.  

How I See It
When we were about to take our first trip to Hawaii 3 years ago, someone had mentioned all of the great hikes there were to do on the island. Well, my immediate response was, “I don’t hike.” 

My thought process was: I don’t have the training, the shoes, the gear, or the stamina to be able to hike. Hiking is a very, very big deal. I had no intentions of taking on such a huge task while on vacation.

In actuality, the only thing I was lacking in order to hike was the mindset.

My perception of hiking was rough terrain requiring boots and walking sticks while carrying water on my back because I wouldn’t be back for a long, long maybe days.  

I'm a Hiker
After going for a “walk” the next year on vacation in my sneakers, which involved climbing a few hills and crevices and really enjoying the exercise and fresh air, I realized that I was a HIKER! I was hiking. A hike is a walk, and I can walk. I can even walk pretty far and up a few winding hills and paths. I can hike. I could hike all along. The trails were there. I had shoes. I had the ability. It was only my mind that told me no.

This has really gotten my brain rolling on how many other things we are holding ourselves back from because of our perception.

What Is Blocking Your View?
I’m sure the whole perception of hiking comes from my past struggles and the fact that I used to be about 90 lbs heavier. So even years post-weight loss and being a regular exerciser, even having run a couple of races, I still think of limitations first sometimes. It's embarrassing to admit even to myself.

So, what other lies come to your mind when someone talks about your life, relationships, success, titles, adventures, or future plans?  Maybe you already have all the tools and abilities necessary to make that next dream come true. The most important thing is to make that mindset line up with it. Perspective is everything.

Change Your Mind 

Here are just a few tips to help yourself renew that spirit of accomplishment

  • Look at obstacles that you have overcome in the past to get where you are today. This perspective can make a huge difference.  
  • What unique abilities do you have that set you apart?
  • Write down your greatest accomplishment.
  • What did you conquer that you thought was impossible?

I would love to hear your “hiking” story. How has getting proper perspective helped you reach that next level?


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