Celebrate Your Critics

    Oh sure, 

I like to say, "Celebrate Everything," but celebrating people who talk trash or pick apart your art/livelihood is a different story. 

This is most hypocritical for me. Like most of you, I don't like to be criticized. I truly work hard to look for the good in others and cheer on their success. So, I tend to ask myself, "Why on earth would anyone want to criticize me?"  

If you are someone that is a creator, an idea person, a disruptor, innovator, or just the person making things happen, you will be criticized. Honestly, the more you do, the more you can expect such criticism. (I can actually feel you trembling with excitement and anticipation at the thought of this coming your way.)

Human nature is plagued with judgment. We judge everything from the critical issues that are voted on in high courts to the way the morning anchor wore her hair this morning. Critics can be insecure, jealous, and petty people that are just looking for a chance to be heard. Sometimes, it may be constructive and actually hit a nerve of change. 

The louder your ideas and your platform, the louder your critics will be.   

As usual, you can count on me for a few quick tips on how to avoid those pesky critics.  

1. Don't be unique or stand out in a crowd.  

2. Play it safe. Be sure to never try something new just in case it may fail and you'll look really stupid. 

3. Do not go against "the way it has always been done."

4. Never ever stand up for what you believe. Seriously, just agree, nod, and keep that mouth shut.   

If you are not making waves and making noise, the chances that you will be criticized are slim to none.  

What's more important to you: being safe or making a difference?  

What's been your biggest criticism that has made you say "I'm making waves?"


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