Are You Ready for Some Football?

In my family, when I was growing up, there wasn’t a fall that didn’t revolve around football. Friday nights were for high school games, Saturdays were for college games, and Sunday afternoons were for big dinners and the Lions.

I knew the rules and a lot of game strategies at a very young age. I was that weird kid that would actually listen to albums of the great announcers, like Bob Ufer, the best. I also had an album of all the Big 10 fight songs, and yes, I could sing them all.

Not a football fan? Don’t give up on me yet. You’re a fan of life, right? Stick with me…

Competitive sports, a courtroom trial, and a game of chess all have the back and forth of offense vs. defense. Such is life and business.

In sports, the offense and defense are both necessary and vital to a team’s winning potential. I won’t get into which is more important and the debate of whether or not “defense wins championships,” but both teams have coaches, strategies, and designated positions to maximize their effectiveness and overcome the opponent or challenge they face.

Simply put, the offense’s strategy is always to move ahead and “score."

This team works day and night training and studying how to use their talents to advance. In football, there is a line of ginormous people whose sole mission is to protect the play caller and to ensure their team is successful.

Whoa, who doesn’t want that in their life?

Just like in football, taking an offensive strategy in life and business means coming from a place of confidence and with a clear mission in hand.

When you take a defensive position, you are naturally required to be more reactionary, which could lead to being fearful or overeager.

Sports teams will often study another team’s defense with the goal of finding out where their weaknesses lie and which strengths they can overcome.

They ask themselves, “How can we maximize the talents of our team to overcome the obstacles we face and ultimately win?”

If you are living your life playing defense, then you are merely reacting to others with a strategy. You are not in a position of control, and your only opportunity to score and succeed depend on others making a mistake.

In all honesty, I have had those days where I feel like everything I’m doing is reactionary and I don’t have any control over the outcome.

This is just one of the many reasons why I work so hard to plan, strategize, and take control of my schedule and life in general, and it’s why I encourage others to do so, too.

Whether or not you are a sports fan or crazy competitive person, I think we all agree that living in the driver’s seat with a clear vision and a plan is the best strategy for success.


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