3 Simple Strategies for Getting Back on Track

Life happens. 

Let’s say you just came back from a two-week vacation—you’re refreshed, super tan, and have just a touch of jet lag to deal with. You come back to the daily grind and are immediately met with calls to return and, of course, countless details to review. You put out a few fires and celebrate the success of something that happened while you were gone.

Or, you experience a loss in your family. It’s unexpected, and frankly, feels like a punch that knocks the wind out of you. You quickly take care of the few major details that need to be addressed in your business, but the rest will have to wait. Tending to family emotions and the matter of logistics is now your sole focus.

These are two very different scenarios that are inevitable in our business and personal lives.

Whether it’s scheduled or sudden, enjoyable or tragic, we all have things that take our time and mental capacity away from our craft.

So, how do we get back at it?

Plan your calendar far in advance.

Having important things on your calendar way in advance has a two-fold advantage. First of all, when you return to work after being away (which we all know can be a slow-moving blur), you won’t be left wondering, “What is the next thing I have to do?” You’ll also have something concrete to look forward to and mentally prepare for in advance. Triggering that focus will help get your head in the game quickly.

Go straight to your most motivating trigger.

Is there a book, blog, piece of music, or video that you follow because it helps you with your business? Do you have an accountability partner that is particularly motivating? Go back to your main sparks of motivation and inspiration. Just as we have muscle memory when it comes to riding a bike or hitting a ball, your brain “muscle” can be reminded of what it needs to do with the right motivation.

Get back to your “WHY.”

I know that you may hear about your WHY every time you turn around, but there’s a reason for that. So many times, we get into a routine with our business and end up in a rut, focusing solely on the business while losing sight of all the inspiration around us and why we do what we do in the first place. 

Sometimes, we have to step away from the work, look inward, pull our WHY out of our gut, and remember the reason we're doing what we do.

Shift your perspective. Get motivated.

If your WHY is giving, add up how much less you will be able to give if you don’t complete the tasks at hand.

If your WHY is adventure, consider what your next leap could be if you get focused and tackle your project.

If your WHY is competition, think of how many people are going to pass you while you ponder what to do next.



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